4 Cures for Compassion Fatigue

The Help That The Helping Professionals Need

Are you a helping professional struggling with compassion fatigue?

Do you find yourself feeling emotionally drained or overwhelmed by the demands of your job?


If so, you're not alone.

Within the helping professions, the number of people struggling with compassion fatigue is  astounding. What's even worse are the serious consequences this brings for both the wellbeing of the practitioner and their ability to provide effective care for their clients.

It's time for a change.

The pre pandemic burnout rate for therapists was estimated to be between 20-30%. The mid pandemic and current burnout rates are at a staggering 70-90%.

The current model is nowhere near sustainable, as clients aren't getting better and helping professionals continue to get worse.

But there's hope!


In this free virtual training, we'll  share the four cures for compassion fatigue that can help you:

  • combat burnout,

  • rediscover your passion for your work,

  • and find renewed purpose in your role as a helping professional.

If you’re a helping professional who is feeling like nothing you do makes a difference or is appreciated. 

If you’re looking for ways to reengage with your profession.

If you're exhausted, stressed, and considering a career change because most days are bad days. 

Meet Your Trainer

Leverage 20+ Years of Experience As A Helping Professional

Marc Pimsler, MA, LPC, MAC, CCS, CET3, ACRPS, RRT-P, CYT, is an entrepreneur, published author, and sought after experiential trainer, therapist, and coach. 

He is as passionate about being a part of clients’ healing as he is about helping others unlock the power of experiential work to support the change process in individuals and teams. 

Marc is the co-founder and executive director of the International Society for Experiential Professionals (ISEP), a global network devoted to experiential therapists, coaches, counselors and more.  In addition to ISEP, Marc also owns and operates MVP Consulting, a therapeutic consulting firm, where he serves individuals and families in need, specializing in addressing addiction, shame and trauma.

Marc is passionate about the work of recovery, both his own as well as his clients’, and believes that sometimes all we need is a helping hand and a fresh perspective. Grounded in the belief system that everyone has the capacity to recover, Marc brings humor, spirituality, and creativity to everything he is involved in. 

Whether you’re just now being introduced to experiential modalities, or you’re already an Experiential Professional looking to continue your growth, abilities and skill sets, ISEP Trainings are unparalleled in the mental and emotional health industry.

This is true partly because ISEP trainings are, you guessed it, experiential. But also true because all trainings are backed by science and research that much of the mental and emotional health industry is foolishly still ignoring.


Burnout in the helping professions is at an all-time high so there has never been a higher sense of urgency for these cures.