Why Experiential?

Are you looking to book an Experiential Intensive or Experiential Retreat, guided by an ISEP-Certified Therapist, Coach or Facilitator?

Book an Experiential Intensive

Experiential Intensives are designed to do deep work either one-to-one, or as a couple, partnership, family or other relational group. Intensives with an ISEP Facilitator have a long track record of deep healing at an accelerated pace of 3-5 days.

Go on an Experiential Retreat

ISEP Retreats are designed as communal experiences and provide the same pathway to healing that an ISEP Intensive does, but the work is done in a larger (but still intimate!) group format, in a variety of refreshing venues and locations around the world.

Join a global network devoted to experiential therapists, coaches, counselors and more.


Not sure where to begin?

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