ISEP Town Hall Replay

February 2023

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Our team has been working non-stop towards making sure this year is informative and streamlined, with your experience as our main focus.

We used this Town Hall to cast vision for what's next, but we also used it as a chance to hear from you, because this isn't just about our's about yours.

So, in case you missed it, or just want to rewatch for another time, here is the recording! There is a lot of great things coming down the pike for ISEP in 2023 and beyond! 

Here are just a few things we cover:
  • Our updated ISEP Membership levels and what the new benefits are to your membership
  • What's happening for your Virtual Trainings in the future
  • We announce new certification pathways that are designed to make the process easier and more affordable for you
  • And so much more...

Whether you’re just now being introduced to experiential modalities, or you’re already an Experiential Professional looking to continue your growth, abilities and skill sets, ISEP Trainings are unparalleled in the mental and emotional health industry.

This is true partly because ISEP trainings are, you guessed it, experiential. But also true because all trainings are backed by science and research that much of the mental and emotional health industry is foolishly still ignoring.