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Whether you’re a coach, counselor, licensed therapist, or any other professional who’s dedicated to helping others achieve holistic health and peak performance, becoming a member of ISEP is the best next step in your experiential journey.

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  • Feeling misunderstood or stuck creatively?
  • Trapped or smothered by an outdated, ineffective system?
  • Unable to find community and belonging among like-minded professionals?
  • Disorganized and lacking direction on what’s next for your practice?
  • Burned-out by methods that simply aren’t getting the results you want?
  • Reconnect with the origins of your heart?
  • Find greater effectiveness in your work?
  • Streamline the administrative burden affiliated with maintaining your credentials and pursuit of new credentialing levels?
  • Get unstuck creatively?
  • Feel connected, supported, and equipped?

Wisdom Comes From Experience

You’re capable of doing your most meaningful work, engaging in peer relationships, and finding support and community, all while utilizing creativity and wonder along the way. But with a membership in ISEP, you can do all of this alongside others that share your passion for healing.

No more building your practice and piecing together your continued education all by yourself. No more wondering who is doing experiential work that you could collaborate or learn from. And no more isolation, with the risk of burnout, within the confines of a system that doesn't understand you or your mission.

Step out and find community, collaboration, and clarity within a global community that seeks to heal other through experiential methodologies.

Through training and certification, attained in the context of community and connection, you'll leverage cutting edge and leading research, along with real world experience by leading practitioners to gain an edge on many experiential modalities such as:

  • Art
  • Adventure
  • Music
  • Psychodrama
  • Somatic work
  • Team building
  • Yoga/Mindfulness techniques

With an integral commitment to excellence, ISEP provides you with every opportunity to not only expand your skills, but propel you towards your most impactful work.


How It All Works

Choose a membership level

With a variety of options to fit your needs, skill levels, and goals, ISEP offers a path for everyone who seeks to assist others in healing and transformation. Whether you’re a coach looking for training and new certification, or a full-licensed therapist looking to expand your practice and effectiveness, ISEP offers a membership level intentionally designed for you.

Step into world-class training

After your membership is approved, you’ll gain access to the first of many trainings offered each month, throughout the year. You’ll grow your experiential acumen among like-minded peers and leaders. ISEP membership levels include all of the training you need for both certification, and for any CE hours you need for your licensing.

Get plugged in to the ISEP Global Network

Get out of the isolation and loneliness that so many in our profession find themselves in. Connect to peers, leaders, and educators through the global ISEP community, as well as expand your network within this well-connected network.

Need Certification?

Access the training and certification you need through our certification program, where you can find 3 levels of certification for CES, CEC, and CET.

Choose A Membership

Don’t put off investing in what you’ve been looking for all along.

Professional Membership

With a focus on existing professionals with previous experiential training and experience, the Professional Membership grants you the ability to register for any ISEP training, as well as have access to the global network of other experiential professionals.

Upon review of existing training and experience, a Professional Membership includes the following:

  • Certificate of Membership and Accreditation upon approval
  • Public listing in ISEP Directory as Experiential Professional
  • Entry to global network and online community of professionals
  • Access to Members-Only trainings
  • And more…

Investment: $197/year

Most Popular

Premier Membership

As ISEP’s flagship membership offering, this membership level is for practitioners who want to maintain or advance their certification through ISEP offerings, all while eliminating the administrative burden of attaining the necessary CE hours. With a Premier Membership, ISEP becomes your all-in-one solution for the clarity, credibility, and community you need in order to succeed, and help your clients do the same.

A Premier Membership includes:

  • Certificate of Membership and Accreditation upon completion of training
  • Public listing in ISEP directory as Experiential Professional
  • Entry to global professional network and online community
  • Access to all monthly webinars and virtual trainings
  • Ability to attain up to 20+ CE hours per year
  • Ticket/registration to any in-person, 3-day training of your choice (each year)
  • And much more...

Coming Soon!!   

Investment: $97/month or $997/year

The ISEP Guarantee

Your ISEP Annual Membership carries no long-term commitments or contracts. We are committed to serving you with world-class excellence, and over-delivering on value throughout your experiential journey. Remain a member for as long as it serves you and your practice, and if at any time you are no longer satisfied, you may cancel at any time. Just send us a quick note, and we’ll immediately cancel your membership and subscription, hassle-free.

Is This Right For Me?

Get the clarity You need to make a difference

In order to know where you’re going, you must know where you are right now. You don’t need another degree, and we aren’t just adding more letters after your name. Get clear about your next chapter of growth as an experiential professional.

Get the credibility you need to stand out

You need the proper training and certification to credibly stand out, and ISEP provides the competence you need to increase the scope of your practice successfully and effectively.

Experience the connection you long for

In order to know where you’re going, you must know where you are right now. You don’t need another degree, and we aren’t just adding more letters after your name. Get clear about your next chapter of growth as an experiential professional.

Don’t put off any longer investing in what you’ve been looking for all along.

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