Each training is led by an ISEP Certified Trainer who will guide you, and other participants, through different modalities, give you insight into why and how they work, as well as when and how they are most effective. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn first-hand how to facilitate in a similar fashion with tips, tools, and techniques given to you by your Trainer.

Whether you’re just now being introduced to experiential modalities, or you’re already an Experiential Professional looking to continue your growth, abilities and skill sets, ISEP Trainings are unparalleled in the mental and emotional health industry.

This is true partly because ISEP trainings are, you guessed it, experiential. But it's also because all trainings are backed by leading science and research that much of the mental and emotional health industry is still ignoring.

Who Are ISEP Trainings For?

Social Workers
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Your Practice Deserves A Level-Up

One-Day Training

"Show Me Don't Tell Me"

This training focuses on the theoretical basis of action-oriented experiential methodologies. Behavioral health professionals often use experiential therapy in the treatment of trauma, attachment repair, behavior disorders, anger, grief and loss recovery, substance abuse, and various types of physical and behavioral addictions or compulsive behaviors.

Participants will learn techniques to help their clients become free of painful, unhappy, or otherwise bad feelings from past experiences, to change the nature of their current and future relationships, and live up to their full potential. Experiential exercises can be used in conjunction with different styles of traditional talk therapy and will include exercises for use with individuals, groups, couples, private practice, and clinical treatment therapists.

Participants gain hands-on experience in applying experiential methods. Additionally, there is an emphasis on visual communication, experiential teaching, and presenting a “learning by doing” method. Basic psychodrama techniques are also reviewed. The training combines teaching presentations with live demonstration.

ISEP credits: 7

Three-day Training

Experiential Training Intensive

ISEP focuses on the theoretical basis for experiential methodologies. This 3-day training intensive can benefit professionals in therapy and counseling, teaching, service fields, other helping professionals, and individuals within leadership roles.

Participants gain hands-on experience in applying experiential methods when treating clients with trauma, addiction, sexual and intimacy issues, eating disorders, codependency and low self-worth.

Additionally, there is an emphasis on visual communication, experiential teaching, and presenting a “learning by doing” method whether in therapy, the classroom, or the boardroom. Basic psychodrama techniques are also reviewed.

The training combines presentations by skilled professionals in the field, small-group practice sessions, case studies and topical sessions focusing on particular applications.

ISEP credits: 21

Become An ISEP Trainer

A Trainer, Educator, Practitioner (TEP)* is a Certified Practitioner (CP) who has received a minimum of three years of additional supervised training, education, and experience in the design and implementation of professional training programs and successfully fulfilled the requirements of the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy.

Training hours can be obtained through ISEP or through any TEP* Trainings in any experiential methodology. Trainings are pre-approved for all ISEP-recommended trainers. If you are attending a training that you would like to submit for an ISEP certification, that is provided by a trainer, not on our pre-approved list, we recommended getting the training hours reviewed by ISEP staff so that you can ensure that it counts.

Aimee Clements-Hadfield

LCSW, CET2 Salt Lake City, UT Send Email

Gittel Twersky

LCSW, CASAC, CET III, ACT, AES Monsey, New York Visit Website Send Email

Antonina Garcia

LCSW, EDD, TEP 20 Madison Drive, Plainsboro, New Jersey 08536 Send Email

Dale Richard Buchanan

PHD, LICSW, TEP Psychodrama Training Associates of Florida and New Jersey 20 Madison Drive, Plainsboro, New Jersey 08536


SIMMONS Daniela Simmons, PhD 1014 E. Hwy 82, Gainesville, TX

Board Certified Trainer, Educator, Practitioner (TEP) in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy President, American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (ASGPP), Executive Editor, The Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy,

Send Email

Jill Krush

LPC CET PAT Clinical Supervisor Lafayette CO Send Email

Donna Dupuis

MSW, RSW, TEP 202-1228 Kensington Road, NW, Calgary, Alberta T2N 3P7 Canada Send Email

Donna Little

MSW, TEP Toronto Center for Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy 37 Gwendolyn Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M2N 1A1 Canada Send Email

Elaine Ades Sacnoff

PHD, TEP 1206 Hinman Avenue, Evanston, Illinois 60202 Send Email

Jean M. Campbell

LCSW, SEP, CET3, TEP BraveHeart Retreats 3378 S Bristol Street, #222 Santa Ana, CA 92704 Visit Website Send Email

Jeanne Burger

PHD, TEP, CMFT, CGP Churchland Psychiatric Associates 3300 Academy Avenue, Portsmouth, Virginia 23703 Send Email

Jeffrey Yates

TEP, LCSW Psychodrama Institute of Los Angeles 227 Broadway, Suite 202, Santa Monica, California 90401 Send Email

John Raspberry

M.ED., LMFT, CP, P.A.T. The Mid-South Center for Psychodrama and Sociometry 602 Jefferson, Tupelo, MS, Mississippi 38804 Send Email

John Raven Mosher

MA, LMHC, TEP Blue Sky Counselors 2900 Westlake Avenue North, Seattle, Washington 98109 Send Email

Joseph Carlino

LCSW-R, PAT (ASET Member) 4138 West Henrietta Road, Rochester, New York 14623 Visit Website Send Email

Karen Carnabucci

MSS, LCSW, TEP Liberty Place Suite 263, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603 Visit Website

Kate Cook

MA, LPCC, TEP 546 Harkle Road, Suite B, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 Send Email

Kathryn G. Ellis

3701 Lindbergh Blvd, Ste. 205, St. Louis MO
3701 South Lindbergh Blvd, Ste. 205, St. Louis, Missouri 63127
Send Email

Linda Ciotola

M.ED., TEP Maryland Visit Website Send Email

Louise Lipman

TEP, CSW-R, CGP Psychodrama Training Institute of NY 19 West 34th Street, PH Floor, NYC, NY, New York City, New York 10001 Send Email

Lyn Breck

RN, CAC II, LPC 3461 Maybank Highway, Johns’ Island, South Carolina 29455

Martha H. Adams

LISW, CP, PAT 192 East Bay Street, Suite 203, Charleston, South Carolina 29401 Send Email

Mary Jo Amatruda

MA, MS, TEP New Haven Psychodrama Institute, 6 Door Street, Branford, CT, Branford, Connecticut 06405 Send Email

Nancy Zink

CET III PO Box 475, Mount Joy, PA 17552 Send Email

Nicholas Wolff

TEP Lifestage, Inc. 180 E. Main Street, Smithtown, New York 11787 Visit Website Send Email

Norma Kay Lord

LCSW, LMFT, CGP, TEP Houston Psychodrama Institute 2727 Kirby 11-D, Houston, Texas 77098

Onsite Workshops

P.O. Box 250, Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee 37051 Visit Website Send Email

Peter Alsop

CET II, PH.D. Moose School Productions Box 960, Topanga, California 90290 Visit Website Send Email

Rebecca Walters

MS, TEP Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute 156 Bellevue Rd, Highland, New York 12528 Visit Website Send Email

Scott Giacomucci

DSW, LCSW, CTTS, CET III, PAT Phoenix Center for Experiential Trauma Therapy 524 N. Providence Road, Media, PA 19063 Send Email

The American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy

P.O. Box 15572, Washington, DC 20003

A credentialing Board of the ASGPP. They have a full listing of all the Psychodramatists who are certified TEPs in the United States. You can contact them by calling their Executive Director, Dr. Dale Richard Buchanan, PhD, LICSW, TEP. He will give you a current list of all certified Psychodrama Trainers in your area.

The American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama

301 N. Harrison Street, Suite 508, Princeton, New Jersey 08540

From their home page ( click on Institutes and Training Programs. This gives you a listing of TEPs by state.

Send Email

Thomas W Paul

LMHC, FAPA, CET III, CGP, CASAC 246 Grace Avenue, Newark, NY 14513 Send Email

Tian Dayton

PHD, TEP 262 Central Park West, Suite 4A, New York City, New York 0024 Send Email

Valerie E. Simon

LCSW, TEP, CET IIILCSW, TEP, CET III 57 W 57th St Suite 704, New York, NY 10019 Send Email

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